TMJM is committed to conducting every aspect of its business to the highest ethical standards and in line with all applicable laws.

The company believes in the importance of business ethics and ensures not to discriminate for any reason in labor relation and on the equity of chance.

The Human Rights policy of the company sets out the commitment to respect the human rights of the company’s employees through core labor standards. This covers employee involvement, diversity, equality, pay and benefits, working hours, forced labor and child labor. TMJM complies with the local laws of the countries where it operates.

An inclusive culture and diverse workforce are essential to achieving company strategy. Diversity is critical to achieving a High-Performance Culture and a key enabler of innovation. This will help TMJM better understand market requirements and customer expectations to ensure that the company is trusted to deliver excellence.


Our goals are to:

• Increase awareness and understanding of all employees regarding the value of diversity and inclusion

• Build diversity and inclusion into the way we work

• Drive commitment to diversity and inclusion.

These will ensure all employees are dedicated to making TMJM a place where all talent can thrive and succeed.

We continue to incorporate diversity and inclusion into everything we do through learning and development activities, employee communications and integration into human capital policies and processes.

The company sets similar standards for its external suppliers through the Supplier Code of Conduct All suppliers must comply with applicable international and national laws in relation to labor practices and human rights.

High standards of ethical behavior and compliance with laws and regulations are essential to protecting the reputation and long-term success of TMJM’s business.