TMJM’s commitment to improving its environmental footprint is embedded in its daily activities. The company aims to do business in an appropriate, consistent and environmentally responsible manner.

We believe in the importance of operating sustainably and environmentally. As a company operating worldwide, TMJM believes in its responsibility to look after the environment both for people today and for the future generations. To do so, the company sets the same standards for its worldwide business partners.

Our commitment to improving our environmental footprint is embedded in our daily activities:

  • Save and reduce the waste of energy (such as electricity, gas emissions, etc.) in our office and factory during working hours.
  • Reduce toxicity through our efforts to reduce pollutants in wastewater in our factory and our suppliers.
  • Use more environmentally friendly materials and reduce the use of non-renewable raw materials.
  • Reduce wastage of materials by recycling.
  • Use management systems to drive continuous improvement.