Sustainability is a milestone in the success of Thousand Million Jewelry Manufacturing. We embrace our commitment to sustainability and carry this philosophy into our business strategy.


The sustainable strategy of TMJM is rooted in these elements:

  • The people: TMJM ensures to influence positively the lives of our employees, factory workers and all people living in communities where we have a business presence.
  • The partnership: TMJM aims to maintain high standards within the diamond industry. Hence, the company only engages and collaborates with partners, both client, and suppliers, that share the same ethical values.
  • The product and environment: TMJM is continually looking for better ways to create its products, essentially by investing in innovation, increasing the use of more sustainable materials and reducing the environmental footprint of its operations.

Being a sustainable business is about striking a balance between shareholder expectations and the needs and concerns of employees, workers in the supply chain, as well as the environment. 
It is about setting workplace standards for suppliers and ensuring fair, safe and healthy conditions in TMJM’s factory. More importantly, it also means looking after the well-being and career of employees of the company and making a positive contribution to communities where TMJM operates.

The company believes in the importance of being a responsible business – one who is fully committed to respecting business ethics, human rights and environments.