Jan 17, 2016 | Community Engagement

Thousand Million Jewelry Manufacturing walking for Life with Lion Kidney Educational Centre.

TMJM is actively involved in supporting the Lions Kidney Educational Centre and Research Foundation(LKEC).

LKEC is a registered charitable organization founded in Hong Kong. The organization strives to reduce incidences of kidney diseases and to enhance the quality of life of kidney diseases patients. Also, LKEC aims to contribute towards equity and global objective of health for all and to provide Hemodialysis services to needy patients.


The TMJM team participated in the Lion Walk for Life – 洗腎救人獅子行 charity walkathon event on the 17th of January 2016, to help raise funds for kidney diseases patients.

The route started from Sai Kung, Pak Tam Chung Barbecue area 西貢北潭涌 and ended at Hong Kong Adventure Corps Camp 香港少年領袖團萬宜訓練營.

The total distance of this walkathon is approximately 3.5 km, which normally takes around 2 hours to complete.


Jesse Yau – Executive Director (pictured above): “We had a very pleasant journey despite the rainy weather. The whole team enjoyed this adventure and the wildlife of Sai Kung. We are all very proud to be able to give a helping hand to those patients with kidney problems.”

Bonnie (first from the right): “The walkathon was the most exciting part of my weekend. Not only did I have a great time with my colleagues, but we also successfully raised funds for people in need.”

TMJM tea during the walkathon

 The TMJM team during the walkathon.